Created in February 2017, by Jérôme NGUYEN, Beautiful Sadaqat is an association that aims to facilitate free access to the pilgrimage to all French Muslim citizens. The financial situation must no longer be the first condition to perform the pilgrimage.


The idea came from a disabled mother who had saved for many years hoping one day to be able to make her pilgrimage to Mecca. This woman is Sarah NGUYEN, mother of the founder of the association. Conscious and concerned about the difficulties faced by some members of the Muslim community, she decided to put all her savings in the construction and development of her son’s association and to perform her spiritual journey in the coming years.

It is easy to be in agreement with the principle of loving one’s neighbor, but it is more difficult to consent to sacrifice oneself for him. This project was born of the sacrifice of a woman, animated by the passion to love and help her neighbor in the name of God.

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